Priority areas

  • Educational Development
  • Quality, Safety and Innovations
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Public Health
  • Collaborative Research

The development, design, implementation and evaluation of particular projects under the above thematic areas will be supported by working groups. Each working group has clear terms of engagement and comprises of representatives from the UUKHA Advisory Board, representatives from the aligned departments within the Ministry of Health and UUKHA members from both Uganda and the UK.

Working groups

Educational Development

Under the thematic area, the Alliance will focus on strengthening bilateral healthcare student and professional volunteers’ placements in both Uganda and the UK. The working group on educational development will develop standard models based on best practice to guide placements. Members in this group will be exposed to opportunities for sharing knowledge, tools and resource materials to strengthen placement programmes. 

Quality, Safety and Innovation

This working group will focus on innovations to foster patient safety and quality of care, share knowledge, develop initiatives and formulate platforms for further development and sharing skills to improve quality of care at both institutional and national levels.

Leadership and Governance

The Alliance aims to strengthen leadership and governance skills among its members in the context of improving the effectiveness of UUKHA and partnership working. Members in this working group will drive this forward, creating opportunities for developing leadership and governance skills, offering support and sharing best practices that have been applied in their respective settings to improve health leadership, governance and partnership working.


The Alliance aims to strengthen collaborative research between Uganda and UK institutions and researchers. This working group will create links between research institutions, share tools, knowledge and training opportunities to improve research skills and competencies. 

Public Health

Members in the public health working group will share knowledge, ideas, resource materials and best practices that have successful strengthened public health initiatives in their various organisation and countries, as well as an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in public health. Issues to be address may include implementing ‘Health in all Policies’; achieving the sustainable Development Goals; addressing health inequity as well as more specific health priorities such as the growing epidemic of antimicrobial resistance which presenting a major challenge globally. 

The UUKHA strategic plan 2017/2018 is guided by the UUKHA memorandum of Understanding that was signed by the two countries. The goal of the strategic plan is “attaining strong bilateral Uganda UK health ties though active membership engagement”; aiming for participation of Alliance members in the implementation of priorities that have been identified under the two thematic areas of Educational development and Quality, Safety and Innovations.

Our strategic engagement has been developed in a consultative manner, is a consolidation of views and perceptions of key stakeholders in the health sector, UUKHA member organizations, private sector and development partners in both Uganda and United Kingdom.