UUKHA Strategic Direction

The overarching UUKHA theme in 2018/2019 is to transform healthcare through co-developed partnerships between the UK and Uganda to establish sustainable mechanisms of global health workforce exchange. 


A skilled, competent and globally competitive health workforce built through global exchange


To build a well coordinated approach to enable circular migration of volunteers, academics and technical personnel in the health sector between Uganda and UK


Ensure sustainable mechanisms of global health workforce exchange

UUKHA strategic objectives

  • Improve mechanisms that enable circular migration of short and long-term volunteers and scholars for exchange of knowledge, skills, research
  • Improve UUKHA membership engagement, interaction and performance in line with National policies and strategic plans

Strategic interventions 2018/2019

The Alliance will focus on providing a better means of coordinating UK organizations’ contribution to joint working in health in Uganda within internationally recognized standards of good practice. UUKHA will support capacity building and engagement of members to encourage alignment with the Uganda National policies and strategic plan.

Educational Development

UUKHA will continue to support short and long term volunteers, academics, researchers and technical personnel from UK based member organisations to aquire professional council registration and free work permits for their placement in Uganda. 

UUKHA will also support the piloting of a model to facilitiate health worker placements between Uganda and the UK.

Quality, Safety and Innovation

The Alliance will act in a coordinating capacity to support the Ugandan Government to advance emergency medical services in Uganda, by engaging members and coordinating a National Taskforce of UUKHA members keen to advance the National Emergency medical Services program.