The Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET):Championing global health through partnership

For over 25 years THET has been working to build a world in which everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Our partnership approach began small, a collaboration between Nottingham City Hospital and Jimma Institute of Health Sciences, Ethiopia, with the belief that, above all else, the need to respond to the training Jimma wanted was key to ensuring success. As this model grew we saw that it was essential to listen and learn from the practices and priorities within the nations we were working ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of projects whilst.

During the last six-years the partnership model has gone from strength to strength, reaching over 85,000 health workers across thirty four countries, leading us to work with a hugely diverse range of organisations from Johnson & Johnson on our Africa Grants Programme to managing the  DFID funded Health Partnership Scheme (HPS).

This work has allowed us to continually challenge our thinking and understanding of the model and in so doing has created a truly global network of advisors and experts. This is particularly clear in Uganda where, due to 54 of the 184 HPS projects being based there, we opened a Partnership Office. This allowed us to strengthen our collaborations with key partners; from the Ministry of Health to the UUKHA initiative which we co-facilitate with HEE.  Our latest report In Our Mutual Interest also highlights the mutual benefits that these projects hold for the UK and the NHS.

We are excited to continue these dialogues, networks and learnings at our Annual Conference in October. Which over three days will explore the UK’s contribution to global health whilst providing a platform for current partners to share their experiences and offer insight into how new partnerships can form.