One of our core purposes is to provide a means of better coordinating UK organizations’ contribution to joint working in health within internationally recognized standards of good practice. As part of this process, we invite you to feed information regarding your work in the Uganda health sector. 

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A world where no child is forced to live on the Street: Retrak

r vision is a world where no child is forced to live on the street. We work to transform highly vulnerable children’s lives; preserve families; empower communities and give them a platform for their voices to be heard. Today Retrak provides support to children and families in Uganda and is working closely with UUKHA to improve healthcare to this vulnerable population

Butabika-East London NHS FoundationTrust Global Health Link

The Butabika-East London Link is a Health Partnership which has been formally operating since 2004, with the aim to better mental health in the UK and Uganda through mutual learning and collaboration.