1.Human Resources for Health

2.Public Health

3.Investment and Finance

4.Research and Innovation

The work under each of the programs will be coordinated through organised groups of like-minded member organisations referred to as consortia. Each consortium will have clear terms of engagement and its activities will be aligned to the priorities of the appropriate department in the Ugandan ministry of health and in the National Health Service, UK. Below are the various consortia under the mentioned programs:


Early analysis of the membership of UUKHA revealed that most, if not all, of the Alliance membership organisations could be classified according to their geographical area of interest and/or their core delivery focus. Several organisations had focused their efforts in specific regions of Uganda whilst others had similar capacity building themes (e.g. Eye Health, Mental Health, Emergency medicine and first response). It became clear that a key function of UUKHA would be to ‘broker’ collaborative relationships between organisations working in a similar geographical area or within a similar theme. UUKHA would then act to encourage a collaborative plan, pooling of resources, a ‘whole-system’ perspective which favoured sustainable transformation and economies of scale. 

One of the more surprising and unexpected developments over the last year of UUKHA’s existence has been its increasing engagement with commerce and industry. It has become clear that many businesses and commercial organisations see the Alliance structure and function as potentially a valuable mechanism for developing Uganda-UK bilateral healthcare-related commerce.

Recently UUKHA hosted the first Uganda/UK healthcare investment and business summit in Kampala. There is great interest within both Uganda’s and the UK’s business communities in participating in the consortium working of UUKHA. Whilst the Alliance will always remain a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation, there is clearly some merit in exploring Public-Private Partnerships and Aid/Trade relationships to both increase short and medium-term investment in Uganda’s healthcare system and provide a more sustainable platform for healthcare transformation.

UUKHA has and is continually modifying internal governance structures to facilitate the engagement of business and commerce and at the same time ensure that there is an ethical mutual benefit to the business and third sector communities in both countries.