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Dr. Richard Bircher dissertation proposal

18 March 2020

Dr. Richard Bircher a General Practitioner and also a newly appointed Chairman of Helping Uganda Schools (HUGs) in his dissertation proposal describe, The impact of sight restorative treatment in Ugandan children on access to education and how their treatment influences changes in household livelihood strategies.

Read the dissertation proposal here

Helping Uganda Schools lastest update

3 March 2020

Helping Uganda Schools (HUGS) is UK based and registered charity organisation with a charity statement:- Support the building and development of schools in Uganda and other African countries and to assist with matters related to the educational support of children from the earliest years through to undergraduate level. ...

Reach Bwindi - 2020 Vision: Sight4Bwindi Newsletter #3 – January 2020

24 February 2020

As part of the Alliance's strategic objective of strengthening membership engagements through the consortium model, The Alliance is always in the sphere of sharing and supporting ongoing member activities.

The Reach Bwindi recently registered growing support and momentum with a grant boost from the Lions and the James Tudor Foundation, this enabled the commencement of eye health services at Bwindi Community Hospital.

Download and read more from their recent newsletter release...

Sight4Bwindi Newsletter: Winter 2019

18 December 2019

‘Tis the season to reflect back on 2019 and share with you the wonderful progress that the Sight4Bwindi project has made in its first year.

Our objective remains unchanged: to help Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH) to develop a quality eye care service that will serve what is (even by Ugandan standards) a very impoverished community of > 100,000.

So, in 2019, we started on our journey. BCH was eager to show their commitment to the project and built a dedicated Eye Clinic...

SIGHT MATTERS – A Personal Insight By Debbie Young BSc MSc DCLP MCOptom Dip TP (IP)

20 February 2019

In the remote Ugandan village of Bwindi, children are suffering tragic consequences because of a lack of even the most basic eye care services.

Alice, 13, was brought into hospital in Bwindi nursing a withered left arm. She had been sweeping the path outside her home, one of many chores she has to carry out every day, when she flicked away a black twig with her broom.

Except it wasn’t a twig. It was a poisonous black snake. Its savage bite left her unconscious and fighting...

The Lubaga eye camp:- Providing Eye Health care to the undeserved population

12 February 2018
The Lubaga eye camp:- Providing Eye Health care to the underserved population

With the leading causes of visual Impairment in Uganda preventable, Awareness campaigns and early intervention can reduce the burden of Eye Diseases in the country.

The Eye Project Uganda in that regard organised a 2-day eye camp from the 20 th to 21 st November 2017. Several Partners including Lubaga Hospital, Uganda UK Health...


11 September 2017

Uganda, with a population estimated to be over of 41 million and prevalence of blindness of about 1% ,ophthalmology remains a neglected public health sector, with limited data on the prevalence of visual impairment.There is approximately one ophthalmologist to a million plus of the population and one ophthalmic clinical officer to 205,000.00 of the population.