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Global Emergency Care Collaborative: Breaking Silos, Building Links ( tickets available).

10 January 2020
Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECCo) North West Event

invite you to shape a global health network for emergency care.

Open to all healthcare professionals of all grades (students included) who are interested in emergency care and global health. We welcome those outside the North West region and we'd love to provide any support for you to grow your own GECCo and look forward to meeting you.

Join a forum for open communication and sharing of global...

Road Carnages, emergencies and why Comprehensive Emergency Services can’t wait in Uganda.

27 May 2018

On Friday last week (25th May 2018), the Country was alarmed by a road carnage along its Northern Routes that claimed a total of 22 passengers and death cases registered pre and during hospitalisation at the closest Hospital.

The wreckage of G aaga bus

Uganda continues to be one of the low and middle-income countries burned heaviest by road traffic incidents (RTI). Recent studies indicate that Uganda experiences RTI deaths at...

Accident Rescue App (Trauma Call) wins Babson Schlesinger prize

2 April 2017

by Arafat Wakulira

Inspired by a true story of Arafat Wakulira (third from the left), a long term Biomedical Engineering volunteer for a THET funded project; The Uganda Maternal & Newborn Hub. Following a road traffic accident involving two of his brothers, a team of Biomedical Engineers from Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, ICT and Business students from Mbarara University of Science and Technology took it upon themselves to innovate a solution to speed up rescue...