Blog: Apr 2020

Synergies against COVID-19: Sharing of Expertise and Experiences between Uganda and the UK [Webinar Meeting Video]

27 April 2020

Background: On December 31 st, 2019, the People’s Republic of China notified the World Health Organisation of an outbreak of a Pneumonia causing illness that was later confirmed to be caused by the novel Corona Virus (COVID 19). On 11 th March 2020, the COVID 19 outbreak was declared a Pandemic by the W.H.O with spread to all continents.

The pandemic has affected different Regions at varying rates causing enormous health, economic, and social impact around the world. As of 13 th...

Synergies against COVID-19: Sharing of Expertise and Experiences between Uganda and the UK [Webinar]

18 April 2020

The Uganda UK Health Alliance (UUKHA) Webinar on COVID 19

UUKHA exists to support mutual collaboration between the UK and Uganda in Health Sector Development. As Uganda and the UK continue to experience the outbreak of COVID 19 at different extents and stages, the Alliance has organised a 2 1/2 hrs webinar to facilitate sharing of expertise and experience between the two countries.

The Webinar will be held on 23 rd April 2020 at 15:00-17:00 EAT (13:00-15:00 BST) on Zoom....

Helping Uganda Schools: Project highlights

1 April 2020

Helping Uganda Schools (HUGs) is the UK registered charity organisation aimed at supporting and touching the lives of children in Uganda. Since 1995, HUGS has helped sponsor children who are unable to attend school and living in impoverished rural areas.

Read more of HUGS' project highlights

Kisiizi Hospital: Assessment of Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

1 April 2020


We have all seen the speed at which the pandemic has spread across the globe and the impact on many countries. We pray for those of you reading this in lock-down situations, isolated and may be frustrated by the effects of the disease and the resulting restrictions. Even more, we remember those of our colleagues in healthcare who are working so hard to care for a seemingly never-ending line of patients.

Uganda had no cases on 19 th March but now they are...