Blog: Apr 2019

Health workforce migration: The Uganda case

7 April 2019
Health workforce migration: The Uganda case

Uganda had a total of 81 982 health workers employed in the health sector. The number of medical doctors was estimated at 4,811, accounting for 6% of the total health workforce in the country. General practitioners (GPs) alone were estimated to total 3993, the equivalent of 83% of medical doctors in service. A total of 42 530 (52%) HWS were employed in the public sector, and 9,798 (12%) in the private not-for-profit sector, while about one third (...

Health Systems improvement through e-Health: Uganda's case

6 April 2019

The government of Uganda through its Ministry of Health recognized e-health in the Health Sector Development Plan 2015/16 - 2019/20 as a key enabler for supporting the health system in order to deliver good health to the Ugandan population (MoH, 2016).

From the local to the national level, ICT is changing how health care is delivered and how health systems are run. It supports critical functions by improving the ability to gather, analyse, manage and exchange information in all areas...