Blog: May 2018

Road Carnages, emergencies and why Comprehensive Emergency Services can’t wait in Uganda.

27 May 2018

On Friday last week (25th May 2018), the Country was alarmed by a road carnage along its Northern Routes that claimed a total of 22 passengers and death cases registered pre and during hospitalisation at the closest Hospital.

The wreckage of G aaga bus

Uganda continues to be one of the low and middle-income countries burned heaviest by road traffic incidents (RTI). Recent studies indicate that Uganda experiences RTI deaths at...

A Snippet overview of maternal and child health Uganda

25 May 2018
A Snippet overview of maternal and child health in Uganda

The Maternal and child health is key to ensure that all women and children have a healthy life.

Globally, 2.6 million newborns and 2.6 million stillbirth occur annually, under 5 mortality rate globally has decreased since 1990 with 46% of 5 mortality rate is due to neonatal mortality and eight out of ten of countries with highest mortality rates are in Africa according to Lawn et al 2008, Mbonye et al 2012, and UNICEF 2018...