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Global Emergency Care Collaborative: Breaking Silos, Building Links ( tickets available).

10 January 2020
Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECCo) North West Event

invite you to shape a global health network for emergency care.

Open to all healthcare professionals of all grades (students included) who are interested in emergency care and global health. We welcome those outside the North West region and we'd love to provide any support for you to grow your own GECCo and look forward to meeting you.

Join a forum for open communication and sharing of global...

The UK-Africa Investment Summit (UK-AIS) Manufacturing Event

8 January 2020

The UK-Africa Investment Summit (UK-AIS) Manufacturing Event is a unique opportunity for UK companies to learn more about the possibilities of investing in manufacturing operations in Africa including the Health Sector. For More;

Sight4Bwindi Newsletter: Winter 2019

18 December 2019

‘Tis the season to reflect back on 2019 and share with you the wonderful progress that the Sight4Bwindi project has made in its first year.

Our objective remains unchanged: to help Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH) to develop a quality eye care service that will serve what is (even by Ugandan standards) a very impoverished community of > 100,000.

So, in 2019, we started on our journey. BCH was eager to show their commitment to the project and built a dedicated Eye Clinic...

UUKHA Newsletter, November 2019

27 November 2019

UUKHA is always in the practice of keeping our wide sphere of readers well-informed about the progress of the Alliance and its member organisations. This issue of the UUKHA newsletter shares a glimpse of the remarkable work done by member organisations in global health. Enjoy the read!

Download the Newsletter here

The NCD Consortium; Supporting Uganda in the fight against Non-communicable diseases

19 July 2019
Supporting Uganda in the fight against Non-communicable diseases

The global burden of Non communicable diseases (NCDs) remains unacceptably high. In 2016, NCDs were responsible for 41 million of the world’s 57 million deaths (71%), 15 million of these deaths were premature (30 to 70 years) with the burden greatest in low- and middle- income countries, where 78% of all NCD deaths and 85% of premature deaths occurred.

In Sub Saharan Africa, this epidemiological transition has caused a...

Call for UUKHA Newsletter Articles - August 2019

23 May 2019

The Secretariat at the Uganda UK Health Alliance is always in the principle of keeping partners and the sphere of members aware of the events and progress. The Alliance in that regard publishes a biannual newsletter which features articles, pictures, and perspectives from member organisations.

We therefore accepting articles for our newsletter coming out this August. Please submit articles by 15th July.

Articles should be in word format not...

Health workforce migration: The Uganda case

7 April 2019
Health workforce migration: The Uganda case

Uganda had a total of 81 982 health workers employed in the health sector. The number of medical doctors was estimated at 4,811, accounting for 6% of the total health workforce in the country. General practitioners (GPs) alone were estimated to total 3993, the equivalent of 83% of medical doctors in service. A total of 42 530 (52%) HWS were employed in the public sector, and 9,798 (12%) in the private not-for-profit sector, while about one third (...

Health Systems improvement through e-Health: Uganda's case

6 April 2019

The government of Uganda through its Ministry of Health recognized e-health in the Health Sector Development Plan 2015/16 - 2019/20 as a key enabler for supporting the health system in order to deliver good health to the Ugandan population (MoH, 2016).

From the local to the national level, ICT is changing how health care is delivered and how health systems are run. It supports critical functions by improving the ability to gather, analyse, manage and exchange information in all areas...

SIGHT MATTERS – A Personal Insight By Debbie Young BSc MSc DCLP MCOptom Dip TP (IP)

20 February 2019

In the remote Ugandan village of Bwindi, children are suffering tragic consequences because of a lack of even the most basic eye care services.

Alice, 13, was brought into hospital in Bwindi nursing a withered left arm. She had been sweeping the path outside her home, one of many chores she has to carry out every day, when she flicked away a black twig with her broom.

Except it wasn’t a twig. It was a poisonous black snake. Its savage bite left her unconscious and fighting...

Uganda Health Independence Day celebrations at UK House of Lords. 8th October, 2018

12 October 2018

With a historically deep relationship between the UK and Uganda particularly in the Health Sector, Uganda’s 56 th independence anniversary saw several UK organisations and agencies come together for an event to discuss issues of Global health between the 2 countries

The Event was held under the 2 major Themes;

1. Strengthening Mutual Benefits in Global Health Partnerships Co-Development between Uganda & UK

2. Empowering Ugandan Nurses and Doctors as facilitators...